Programs and Partners

  • Sarete focuses on the following groups; Veterans, Schools, Law Enforcement, and Survivors of Trauma.  Conflict impacts all of us, please let us know how we could serve your community.

    Sarete programs partner with host organizations to reach existing communities.  We hold programs on-site to meet participants where they are, creating groups that share similar goals and backgrounds. Sarete is grateful that our partners believe that reducing the impacts of conflict increases our collaborative impact in the communities we serve.  Programs can also be held off-site and we continue to explore new partnerships.  

  • Thomas Jefferson, Richmond Public Schools

    In 2010 Jeff Dowdy had been a high school art teacher at Thomas Jefferson for six years when he proposed an Aikido and Conflict Resolution course.  The dramatic change seen in the students was the inspiration for forming Sarete.

    Virginia Commonwealth University

    Courses are ongoing as an introduction to the non-violent martial art of Aikido. While the class focuses on self-defense, students state that the course is a resource for addressing the stress and challenges within university life.

    RIchmond City Justice Center

    Sarete conducted a seven-week program adapting interactive practices for a secure setting.  Focusing on relaxation and non-opposition, residents said they felt less invisible, less threatening, “I felt like I could go with the flow.”

  • Higher Achievement After-School Programs

    Weekly classes are being held to support students in developing resources through the practice of Aikido.  Interactive practices focus on problem solving, nonverbal communication, and self-regulation.

    Military Kid Art Project

    In this developing partnership Sarete provides classes in conjunction with art classes for children of military families.  Practices focus on building trust and community while developing resources for military family life.

    Henrico High School

    Sarete completed a fourteen-week program to increase student confidence when taking Standards of Learning tests.  Students reported positive results for dealing with stress at school and at home.

  • KNSAKeganin No Senshi Aikido
    Sarete continues to partner with KNSA to ensure that individuals with a history of trauma have access to the theraputic resource of Aikido.  Dojo trainings, materials, and support are provided to aikidoists, professionals, and individuals wishing to become participants.