Fund a program, connect us to someone, volunteer your expertise, or host a program in your workplace or community.


Find a Practice Group that is focused on where you are coming from, your experience of conflict, and how you are hoping to grow.


Find a dojo in your area to practice, pursue personal growth, and continue practices of the Sarete Program in an inclusive community.

What are participants saying?

  • "I felt a sense of empowerment. I did not feel bigger or better, but I felt great about myself. It also is a great non-verbal communication tool."
  • "When I'm upset I take a minute to breathe."
  • “I don’t know if this sounds weird, but I felt like the ground was shaking beneath me and I realized that I had always thought my power came from the ability to strike. I just realized that my power can come from my resolve and my resilience.”
  • "I think that for me personally, it has really helped me become more assertive without being overbearing. I have noticed that I have become increasingly more adaptable to situations that I dislike or feel anxious in."
  • "I felt less invisible." "I felt like people saw me as less threatening." "I felt more like I could go with the flow."
More about Sarete

Sarete is a program of interactive practices, focusing on how we can use the body as a resource for changing what it feels like to face obstacles and challenges in daily life.

Working on breathing, posture, and movement in the context of interaction explores responding to stress, anxiety, and frustration in a different way. These challenges we face in daily life, the crisis we are responsible for managing, or unresolved experiences in our past…
these are the conflicts we face. Sarete provides a method to navigate those conflicts in a way that promotes change, growth, and healing.

Programs are directed towards students for whom the outcomes of those daily conflicts have significant future consequences, for veterans, educators, and law enforcement for whom the outcomes of those crises have significant impacts on their ability to provide safe communities, and towards individuals with a history of violence or trauma facing the same daily conflicts while working toward healing and personal growth.

Sarete is a 501(c)3 nonprofit to ensure that everyone has access to practice as a resource for growth, renewal, and lasting change.  In addition to supporting lasting change, all contributions are tax deductible; please support Sarete today.